Summer Chan, HKGCF, EAGC 2010 program committee

Sharon Wong, HKGCF

Mari Aoyama Makita, KGK Japan

Miyuki Aida, KGK Japan

Bintang Indra, Perkantas Indonesia

Herbert, Perkantas Indonesia

Kristo, GCF Singapore

Joshua Kyuchang Choi (Mr.), KGCF

Hye-won, Song (Miss), KGCF

Mi Ye, Lee (Miss), KGCF

Wisuda, (Miss), GCF Thailand





Summer Chan, HKGCF, EAGC 2010 program committee

Imagine a man being sent by his commander to go into a town to look for his own people and bring them in...

The man worked for years. meeting different people and occasionally he found a few. Most of the time he had to fight for a living and the struggled with whether he was still on the right track, doing the things he had been commanded to do.

Fortunately, he was able to find more than a handful of people, and the small troop helped him to go through a few critical moments in his life.

Later on that man met a few more troops that were sent and formed at different localities, and found out that he could listen and learn from troops that had gone through different challenges...

The Christian graduate is a unique identity for us in our particular social context. How to balance our daily dynamic situations and practice our evangelical Christian faith in the workplace is always a challenging and precious experience. Joining GCF Hong Kong has been an interesting and meaningful exposure for me. I got to know other Christians with a variety of talent who are tackling many different issues at the workplace in Hong Kong.

It was even more interesting when we were able to meet many more brothers and sisters in Christ from different countries through EAGC, understanding how our Lord has led every single movement and hearing of their testimonies of God's faithfulness. Being part of the body of Christ, the bond and fellowship that we experienced was indeed wonderful and blessed. Such a beautiful tradition allowed us to support one another; enhancing our capacity to integrate complex theological truths and biblical values into our daily lives through sharing, worship, witnessing, and ministry.

Likewise, may our sovereign God grant faith, encouragement and empowerment to and through EAGC 2013.

(Okay, okay, it may sound like an ad and most probably you have missed the chance to become one of the host committee members when you read this, why not join the troop and experience it yourself?)





Sharon Wong, HKGCF

It has been a long time since EAGC 2010, but I still find myself amazed and inspired by the experience of meeting with over 250 Christian graduates coming from different professions and more than 13 East Asian countries.

The biblical teaching delivered by Dr. Stephen Lee, the creative ideas suggested by Dr. Mark Greene, the candid sharing of experience and strugges by Christians from different East Asian countries, and the prayers and the Holy Communion shared with the participating fellow East Asians – all made me see how real and touching is the great work of the Lord among East Asians, and even all over the Globe. The stories and messages learnt in the workshops showed to me my inadequacy and acted as fuel of encouragement and empowerment for my rather green participation in the HK graduate movement.

Being among the host delegates and having had a part as MC in the opening ceremony were the grace given from the Lord to me. I look forward to seeing again the brothers and sisters that I have met last time and to meeting new faces in EAGC 2013 where we can celebrate the work of our Almighty God and give witness to our Lord Jesus.





Mari Aoyama Makita, KGK Japan

I remember EAGC 2010 Hong Kong as being a very abundant 4 days, filled with many sessions and activities such as Bible expositions, plenary sessions, workshops, and daily small group meetings. In my small group, I was the only Japanese delegate, so at first I felt nervous. But the group members reached out to me in friendship and it became a very enjoyable experience. I cherish the experience of meeting Christians from other countries and praying for their countries’ specific situations – people whom I would not have met and situations I would not have known had I not attended EAGC. God also spoke to me through the Bible expositions and plenary sessions to remind me that He has sent me to my current workplace for the sake of His purposes.

After EAGC 2010, the Japanese delegates started to gather together periodically. It has been almost two years, and the reunions are still continuing. Being a part of the reunions and having fellowship with other believers have helped me persevere through fatigue and difficult circumstances at my workplace. I thank God for allowing me to meet many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ through EAGC 2010.





Miyuki Aida, KGK Japan

This year marks the third year since I started working at a facility for the severely mentally challenged. When I attended EAGC2010, I remember I had just started working and was greatly encouraged by the messages that dealt with working as a Christian.

A lot of things had been said at the EAGC meetings, but what really touched my heart was this: “Where I am placed right now is my mission field. We are to demonstrate ‘love in action’ where there is no love.” Even though we may not be a “full time worker,” we are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, “full time Christian workers.”

A year and a half has passed, and recently I have been put in charge of a new girl who just got transferred to our facility. When things don’t go the way she wants, she panics and becomes violent, throwing things and harming others. Daily I wonder how to respond, sometimes with tears. But remembering my mission, “love in action,” I realised that God has placed me here to love this girl. Although the problems are still there, I decided, “I want to love this girl!” Although at times I am still anxious, with God, I want to continue loving this girl, as a “full time Christian worker.”

During EAGC, you can have the privilege of fellowship with Asian believers, singing praises to the Lord together, listening to the Word, and sharing testimonies. Because you are staying at a resort, there is time away from your daily routine to quiet your heart and spend more time with God (not to mention time to tour a bit, too). There may be the frustration with the language barrier, since everything is conducted in English, and things may at times be hard to understand or hard to get across, but the blessing you gain from attending is far greater. You will need time and money to attend the EAGC, but it is well worth the effort. I’m so glad I went, and I would love to go again.

Let’s share in God’s grace towards us at EAGC2013 as well!





Bintang Indra, Perkantas Indonesia

What I received (inspiration, insight, blessing, encouragement, message) from EACG Hong Kong 2010 are as follows:

1. I was inspired by the message in the plenary session that the great evangelisation  movement in the future is through the marketplace (by Billy Graham). The place where I am working, (as well as thousands of graduates of Perkantas - Indonesia’s IVCF), is the place where we spend most of our lives. This makes me aware to contribute, for myself and also to prepare hundreds of students from the Riau Province.

2. During the movement story sessions, we had the opportunity to hear from fellow believers. We found out that only 15% of our “cousins” live in other parts of the world. The rest (85%) live in Indonesia. God has sent me a message that I should also be responsible for that situation to do something.

3. Through sharing in our rooms, small groups and discussions over meals, I became aware that each country has specific struggles. This made me aware that God wants us to pray for one another  and support one another, while being be focused on the main things that we ourselves should do to broaden God’s kingdom in this world. Some struggles include: difficulty in sharing the gospel to certain people groups, discrimination, trusting foreigners more than their own people, postmodernistic thinking that they do not need God, very competitive workforce - excessive working hours and expensive property, difficulty in getting job opportunities, gambling and lack of qualified human resource among local people.





Herbert, Perkantas Indonesia

I thank God for the opportunity to attend EAGC 2010 in Hong Kong. It was the first time for me to attend the East Asia Graduate Conference. This wonderful and colorful conference is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. The beautiful venue, Noah’s Ark made this conference more exciting.

I met brothers and sisters from the East Asia Region. We shared and discussed about life and the Kingdom of God as well as exchanged prayer items. Before this conference, I really did not have any idea about the Christianity in other countries such as the Philippines, Macao, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and how Christians in those countries witness their faith in life especially in market place.

I enjoyed the plenary sessions of Mr. Stephen Lee and Mr. Mark Greene as well as the workshops and small group meetings. Through the word of God in all the sessions, I was reminded that the real battles of faith are in the offices and marketplaces. In those places, Christians are called to witness and practise the teachings and love of Jesus Christ. The performances during the cultural night made me more familiar with the culture of other countries. What a meaningful experience to see brothers and sisters from many countries with difference cultures gathered, united and committed to serve God together.

I thank God for the host committee from GCF Hong Kong and GCF Macao. They prepared and did all things well. I will not forget their dedication in serving God in this conference. God bless them and their families. 





Kristo, GCF Singapore

I have graduated for a year when I decided to attend the previous EAGC in Hong Kong. At that point of time, I was going through transition from work to graduate studies. I quit my job just a few days before attending the conference. Having worked for a year as a software engineer, I experienced struggles that I had never faced when I was still in university. My spiritual life changed a lot in that one year, as I had to balance work, life, ministry and personal spiritual growth. Furthermore, my friends were having their own struggles post-graduation, so we didn't have many opportunities to meet, share and pray together. The conference managed to refresh me in the midst of those struggles. Meeting fellow Christians from all over Asia have been such a blessing. I learnt a lot from the speakers and fellow participants, from fresh graduates to those who have been working for a long time. We shared our life stories and we pray for one another.

I will definitely suggest to my fellow graduates to participate in this rare opportunity!





Joshua Kyuchang Choi (Mr.) ,KGCF

Three times of EAGC attendance were special experiences for me. People normally can’t help being grounded by their own character and environment which have been formed through history in their own land. EAGC was an effective prejudice-breaker about how the Gospel is working and spreading throughout the nations. That must definitely be the honest mirror to see ourselves and right tools to objectify my ministry in the Korean GCF movement. I didn’t have any expectations at my first EAGC in Bali (2004). But soon I realised that God is truly using this international congregation for His kingdom. I became a regular attendee later on.

EAGC’s purpose is not just for helping ministries in other countries, having repose, and meeting new friends. I believe it exists principally for us. It made me reflect on myself, my ministry and also challenged me to look at my movement in different ways with long and wide perspectives.

The EAGC in HK was a memorable one for me. I was deeply moved by the perfect preparation and extraordinary programs. Also I could see living witnesses who were struggling with battles in their daily lives. If their strategies were working out in Hong Kong (one of the most chaotic and competitive cities in the world), they could be applied to my ministry in Korea. I again want to appreciate the efforts of HK graduates who devoted themselves in last conference with sincerity in every detail.

I think EAGC is also a good place where we can share common vision, mutual understanding and encouragement. Sometimes I feel sorry that it takes place only once in 3 years. I wonder if there is any way of holding it once 2 years instead. Even simply seeing each other is a good challenge for us. God is using it and it is evolving toward effectiveness and fruit-bearing more and more. I hope that I can see my old friends soon in next EAGC 2013 in Malaysia. That would also be a good chance to reflect on my ministry.





Hye-won, Song (Miss), KGCF

Thank you for meeting and praying for EAGC, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I experienced God's wonderful ministry through their testimonies, presentations, and so on in the last three EAGCs. Members from pioneering movements especially challenged me whenever I met any of them at the conference, to not remain in my current situation. We so easily adapt to the convenience of our society’s values and often ignore God’s great mercy of freedom to believe, being in a community, choosing life partners, etc.

Even though our actions are small, God's actions are going to expand in the marketplaces, churches, and all areas of our lives. EAGC is the right place to see how He works through our commitment and movement. We are called into God's Kingdom and to spread His good news.

I believe EAGC 2013 in Malaysia will be the fourth great chance for me to meet friends who are a part of God’s great army to fulfill His will where God has placed them. It will encourage me to move forward in my ministry at our regional GCF movement in Seoul.

I would like to invite all of you to join this great gathering!





Mi Ye, Lee (Miss), KGCF

GOD is AWESOME! EAGC is awesome too.

I have participated in a series of EAGCs - three times since 2004 as a member in Bali, a volunteer in Korea and a leader in Hong Kong respectively. I was deeply touched by all the delegates who had worked in their workplaces as disciples of Jesus Christ in many parts of East Asia. I will never forget every moment that we worshiped and praised the Lord with one voice regardless of age, gender or nationality. I always give thanks for the fellowship which has given me the chance to listen to their testimonies and encourage one another.

It was a great opportunity to have good rest, time for reflection and also to be rejuvenated in Jesus Christ. Every EAGC became a turning point in my life and an important milestone in my spiritual journey.

I highly recommend you to attend EAGC 2013 Malaysia without hesitation. It will be a gift itself from God.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Malaysia in 2013!





Wisuda, (Miss), GCF Thailand

EAGC 2010 was my first time to join the East Asia Graduate Conference with brothers and sisters in Christ from other Asian countries. The Committee did a very remarkable job on conference arrangement and warm hospitality in order to make sure that all delegates would have blessed time during their stay in Hong Kong. Thank you very much for this!

For myself, I am truly blessed through God’s messages delivered by both Mr. Mark Greene and Mr. Stephen Lee. They inspired me to study more on God’s words and to teach His words to our next generation in my local church. Also, it was a privilege opportunity for me to have fellowships with brothers and sisters who face same struggle in market place. We shared our experiences, prayed together, and encouraged each other to walk faithfully with God. EAGC has reminded me that we have each other in Christ’s Body.

Besides, EAGC forced me to come out of my comfort zone to learn more about other Asian believers not only through presentations and the cultural night, but through bedtime snacks and midnight chit-chat with my roommates from other countries as well. We all were assigned some tasks in the conference so that no one would be a service receiver but a giver with love of Christ.